4 Types of Bags that will Complete your On-The-Go Outfit

A practical black carry-all will always be a wardrobe staple — most women have gone through the painstaking search of finding the perfect one that will do everything from hold her laptop to compliment her outfit. Once you have that covered however, we can reach for more fun, statement bags that evoke just as much joy when you see them hanging in your closet as they do while wearing them. This may not be an everyday piece, but one that is true to your personal style and is the perfect finishing touch to get you out the door.

Jerome Dreyfuss Georges Large Tote Bag

Bags that deserve a second-look:

Belt Bags:

Nanushka Lubo Belt Bag

Comfortable, convertible and stylish, a belt bag fits almost any look and carries all of your necessities. From geometric shapes to unlikely uses of hardware, brands like Nanushka, Jerome Dreyfuss and Zimmermann are leading the belt-bag trend as chic and practical alternative.

Mini Bags:

Small but mighty, these bags are not only the cutest of the bunch but deceiving functional. While they may not store everything, necessities like your phone, keys and wallet are always handy and easy to find.  Regardless of the occasion, this staple bag can be paired with almost anything. Want to give a simple outfit a forward spin? Add a pop of color.

Shoulder bags:

Jerome Dreyfuss Oscar Shoulder Bag

Sitting right below your armpit, shoulder bags are less cumbersome and allow you to be hands-free — without the worry of a crossbody strap. They’ve made quite the comeback with the return of vintage and early 2000s favorites. This bag is made for your Friday nights, transitioning from the office and going straight into the weekend.

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