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LoveShackFancy Cannes Bay Check Scrunchies



It seems the fashion world is in an on-again, off-again relationship with scrunchies. They boomed in late 80s via the cult classic Heathers, revisited us on 90210-era teeny boppers in the 90s, and even briefly reemerged on the hipster scene in the early 2000s. This latest scrunchie moment of the decade however has exploded everywhere from celebrities (even finding its way on the Oscars Red Carpet) to fashion’s elite, and appears to be here to stay.







LoveShackFancy debuted their version of the coveted trend last summer, and they have been hard to keep in stock ever since. Adding LSF’s signature whimsical, feminine, and bohemian spin to the classic design, they make the perfect add-on to layer and adorn your look. The accessory is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and even multifunctional as both a hair piece and bracelet.


Shop our selection of LoveShackFancy scrunchies online and in stores before they sell out!





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