4 Types of Bags that will Complete your On-The-Go Outfit

A practical black carry-all will always be a wardrobe staple — most women have gone through the painstaking search of finding the perfect one that will do everything from hold her laptop to compliment her outfit. Once you have that covered however, we can reach for more fun, statement bags that evoke just as much joy when you see them hanging in your closet as they do while wearing them. Continue reading...


April fools! But actually, did anyone believe Kanye would run in the 2020 elections?

As it is the 1st of April and here at Blue and Cream we’d like to entertain some jokes, let’s look at some of Kim Kardashian’s best FLOTUS outfits.  Could Kim ditch her iconically daring style for a more Jackie O. aesthetic?

Regardless of your opinion on Mrs. Kardashian West, we all can agree on one Continue reading...

The Parisian Brand with a Cult Following: Jerome Dreyfuss

Fashion girls everywhere have gravitated towards Jerome Dreyfuss’s pieces since his handbags launched in the early 2000s.  His chic accessories are seen as staple items; elegant and resistant to ‘logo mania’ fads, and exuding an effortless Parisian aesthetic.


Jerome Dreyfuss designs for the cool and accomplished woman, and one who likely spends the majority of her day on the go.  She needs more than a coin purse and a Continue reading...

Men’s curating Street Style

curating style is the key during winter in New York City.

From our favorite designer brands, we’ve brought series of street style look.


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Get the style:

IRO Merwin Jacket


FRAME Double Pocket Shirt


IRO Piotre Jean


Get the style:

Faliero Sarti Leonello Scarf


and Wander High Loft Fleece Hoodie


Cotton Citizen Classic Crewneck LS


Shuttle Notes Continue reading...