Does the Perfect White Tee Exist?


Does the Perfect White Tee Exist?

An Archetypal Investigation


Tolstoy one said, ’“If you look for perfection, you’ll never been content,” which may, potentially, best summarize the experience of online shopping – a ceaseless search for that one item that will release us from our cocoons of inadequacy (we splurge for the overnight delivery, because perfection can never arrive too soon), only to find the next morning that there is, in fact, a superior version of whatever life-changing thing we’ve just ordered, and just like that, we’re right back where we started.

Stressed? SAME! Too intense for a post about t-shirts? AGREED!

So here’s the long and short of it — of course we don’t NEED a closet full of perfects. But there’s no denying that there are some basics that just make life easier. That thing you can bring anywhere and everywhere that has the power to make even the most disastrous of outfit situations feel somehow salvageable.

Take, for example, THE PERFECT WHITE TEE.

Arguably the most basic of basics, the right white tee can work magic – make simple jeans look sexy; make trousers not take themselves so seriously; give blazers a laid back edge.

But, before you go impulse buying any garment promising perfection — we’ve broken down 5 tee types and served up some suggestions, because really it’s all about finding what works best for YOU.


1. The Classic White Tee



Guaranteed to make you give off Kate the great vibes. Pair with your favorite jeans.


rag & bone/ JEAN Base Tee, $85.00 $42.50

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2. The Sexy White Tee



It’s a little sheer, it’s tight, and anywhere you wear it’s right.


IRO Bafing Tee, $150

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3. The Tomboy White Tee


A little boxy, a little cropped – good with a high-waist or a low-rise, but ideally with your favorite sweats or track pants.

Re/Done Hanes 1950s Boxy Tee, $78

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4. The French Girl White Tee


For the effortless flirt in all of us.


Current/Elliott The Perfect Tee, $88 $62

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5. The Rocker White Tee



A little off-white, a little imperfectly perfect, this is your care-free go to look.


NSF Cielo Tee, $165

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Shop Other Styles:


Re/Done Ribbed Baby Tee, $89

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IRO Luciana Tee, $105

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Cotton Citizen Classic Crewneck Tee, $65

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Browse and shop from your favorite designers at Blue&Cream in search of your “perfect tee” 😉


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