Donald Glover x Adidas Release at Coachella Weekend 1

If you were one of the many lucky Coachella Weekend 1 attendees who copped Adidas x Donald Glover’s long awaited unreleased sneaker, then we’re jealous.

Festival-goers in the right place at the right time received an airdropped photo from none other than Childish Gambino himself.  Those who accepted it were given a voucher for one free pair of Glover’s much anticipated first Adidas drop.

In typical Donald Glover fashion, the tactic was random and spontaneous, instructing recipients to head to the Vintage Market to claim their brand new Nizzas — eggshell-colored canvas sneakers with brass grommets and two-tone laces.  

While these shoes don’t beg to be sold on the second hand market, they are wearable and align well with Glover’s style











Along with a free pair of shoes and bragging rights, those fortunate enough to claim a prize were asked to withhold a personal ‘contract’, promising the following terms: ‘wear the shoes’, ‘come to the show’, ‘keep the shoes on all weekend’.   

While collab drops happen on a near daily basis, Gambino seems to know how to keep his customers excited and their AirDrops on ‘public’.

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