Everyday Denim

When it comes to denim, it is of utmost importance to have a couple of key, staple pieces in your closet that can be worn at virtually anytime and anywhere. Here at Blue&Cream, we can satisfy all of your denim needs and wishes. Scroll through our denim edit of all of the latest denim designs, whether you are looking for black, blue, or white jeans! 

 Blue Denim

Regardless of what season you are wearing them, it is so important to have a couple pairs of amazing blue jeans in your closet! Our Moussy Vintage Hesperia Straight Jeans are perfect to wear with anything, whether that be a graphic tee or sweater. Moussy’s non-stretch denim allows the jeans to perfectly fit your body and the high rise feature of this pair will make you look and feel taller and slimmer! An amazing and unique pair of jeans that a trend setter needs in their closet is the Mother the Mid Rise Dazzler Ankle Fray Jeans. These pair of jeans are unique as they feature two different patches that bring some color to your typical pair! 

Black Denim 

Predominantly worn in the colder months, black jeans are a great staple to have in your closet for   any occasion. Our Night Destruction L’agence High Line Skinny Jean is the perfect black jean to wear if you are going for a night out on the town with friends or are meeting someone for dinner. Their stretch denim allows for you to be super comfortable throughout your time wearing the pants, and the knee rips and ankle fringe add a little flare to any look! Although black is commonly associated with the cold, we at Blue&Cream think it should and can be worn all year round! An amazing pair of black jean shorts are our Moussy Vintage Perrysburg Shorts. These shorts are amazing as they are super airy while still giving off that grunge black look through the distressed nature of the shorts. 

White Denim

Although the perfect white denim pieces can sometimes be difficult to find, we at Blue&Cream have an amazing selection that surely can satisfy any customer’s needs. One of our favorites is our L’agence Margot HR Skinny Coconut. This pair of white jeans is unique in that it has a tint of beige in color, which is not commonly seen in other pairs of white jeans. We think this pair of jeans could work perfectly with a cute blouse and bring the perfect amount of femininity to any outfit. Another great pair of white jeans are our Moussy Vintage White Wagoner Straight. This pair is unique in the sense that it has a baggier and grungier look, which can be seen through the straighter leg, looser fit, and rips on both knees. 

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