Golden Globes: Why Women Wore Black


Golden Globes:

Why Women Wore Black

The Golden Globes is an annual award ceremony created to  This year women wore black to protest sexual harassment and raise awareness for Time’s Up, a new initiative fighting sexual misconduct in Hollywood and neighboring cities.
As the stars took the red carpet for yesterday’s ceremony, here’s some of the powerful reasons from our favorite celebs on why they went all-black for the Golden Globes 2018.
Meryl Streep appears with activist Ai-jen Poo.
Meryl Streep: “I think people are aware now of a power imbalance and it’s something that leads to abuse, it has led to abuse in our own industry. We want to fix that and we feel emboldened in a thick black line dividing then from now.”
Sarah Jessica Parker: “It’s been thrilling, it’s been thrilling. I am incredibly excited, impressed by the work that is being done. I know you have spoken to a lot of my sisters tonight, who have been in the trenches, but I think it is an enormous show of support tonight. I think it speaks to the appetite, to the climate that exists. This is a conversation that as complicated as it is, it seems to be welcomed by everybody. I know it has affected your network. I know that there, there have been conversation that have been challenging for all of us. But I think it’s incredibly timely, exciting. Parity, equality, safe work environments shouldn’t be controversial. So I am delighted thrilled to be here and talk about this rollout for Time’s Up. It’s an honor and privilege to work amongst women that I’ve admired for so long and never even thought I’d get to meet. And to see them do this sort of work and commit themselves is really quite something. It’s more important to know that it is across industries. It is about women in all industries and men quality, parity, safe work environment, really simple, for everybody in the country. It is an exciting and daunting job and we are all dying to dive into the work ahead.”
Katherine Langford: “What we’re doing is supporting work that’s already been done by so many people for such a long period of time, but tonight is special for the Time’s Up movement, which is supporting equality not just for women but also for men and all non-binary people across every industry. And the reason we’re wearing black is to show solidarity with everyone.”
Kerry Washington: “The reason we’re here, the reason we didn’t just stay home is because we feel we shouldn’t have to sit out the night, give up our seats at the table, our voice in this industry because of bad behavior that wasn’t ours. We get to be here to celebrate each other and support each other and stand in joy and solidarity and say we are looking out for anybody who feels marginalized in the workplace, whether you’re a woman or man, because of your sexual orientation, age, race, gender, we’re here to support you. Which is part of the reason why we’ve formed the legal defense fund, which has already raised $15 million, 60 countries, all 50 states and Puerto Rico, people have just been donating because the legal defense fund is to go to people who have faced assault or prejudice or abuse in the workplace and don’t have access to legal representation. So we’re committed to making a change not just in our industry, but every industry.”

Viola Davis: “I think it’s a coming out. You know, it’s all of these women just embracing their authentic voices and standing in solidarity with each other. One of the things I want to express to the public: I think people feel like Hollywood could be out of touch at times. But for me I’m here because I hear the voices of women who said me too, which, one of them was me. I hear those people who are nameless, faceless every day who don’t have a platform to talk about their sexual assault and rape, and I hear those voices. It’s like someone says there’s no prerequisites to worthiness. You’re born worthy and I think that’s a message a lot of women need hear. The women who are still in silence because of trauma, shame due to the assault. They need to understand that it’s not their fault and they’re not dirty. That’s my message tonight.
Oprah’s speech had the biggest reaction, with stars applauding and rising to their feet:

Watch her speech, here.

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