How Stone Island Masters Tech Wear

We have come to a new era, an epoch where flexibility, comfort and durability take precedent over non-performance alternatives.  Tech wear has taken its stance as the most sought after men’s trend on the streets with the emergence of technologically savvy clothing.  

It is clear that Massimo Osti, designer of Italian giant Stone Island, puts an undeniable focus on practicality and aesthetics. It seems however that the brand’s greatest achievement sprouts from their ability to be truly ‘trend proof’. While many choose to classify the brand as not exactly fashion, their roots are firmly cemented in many subcultures as an easy, no-fuss, utilitarian way of dressing. Yet, their designs and architecturally-driven skeleton exceed what many define as ‘high-fashion’.

Tech wear allows for the marriage of the constant evolution of technology with practicality and consistency. Stone Island experiments for the sake of experimenting. With jackets that change color with the temperature and stainless steel woven into the fabric of coats, Stone Island’s deep passion and sense of achievement flourishes.

Stone Island clearly connects with their consumer by possessing a rich narrative derived from cultural influences and technological design.  We look forward to seeing what else is to come, all the while stocking up on all of the pieces we can get our hands on now. Anyways, with 35 years of experimenting and passion, tech wear can’t get much better than this.

Shop below:

Stone Island Shell Jacket

Stone Island Fleece Cargo Pant

Stone Island Nylon Backpack

Stone Island Light Soft Shell Jacket

Stone Island Crewneck Fleece Sweatshirt


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