Is Preppy the new Streetwear?

Presidents Calendula Embroidery Sweatshirt

While preppy was once the biggest fashion trend in the world, it was soon replaced by grunge, streetwear, and a more urban aesthetic. Well, it seems the fashion world has banned together to bring prep back, and we’re not mad about it…

This new remastering of collegiate wear might just be the style revamp you needed your life. The term “preppy” comes from “preparatory schools,” making it associated with a certain degree of privilege and exclusivity, and paired with the dichotomy of influences from hip-hop, punk, and streetwear, we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to wear this stuff right now.

L’Agence Kenzie Double Breasted Blazer

\We are thinking tailored, tweed, smart shirts, contrasting patterns/colors, and chino-type pants. We want to capture a ’60s vibe but also make reference to the early 2000s and create “new prep.”

With the rise of New York-based labels like Noah & Aimé Leon Dore, that unite hype beasts, skaters, and glossy prepsters under one roof, and the comeback of the iconic Ralph Lauren, many brands are taking this trend and making it their own.

Presidents Lakota Velvet Shirt

Here at Blue&Cream we want to style you “Preppy.”  Look irreverent but still grown-up. Appear put-together and offbeat at the same time. Have fun within boundaries imposed by well-styled clothes.

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