Kaleidoscope CBD x Blue&Cream

Kaleidoscope x Blue&Cream Pop-Up Truck

Kaleidoscope and Blue&Cream are coming together to merge CBD wellness and fashion. Blue&Cream has been supporting the CBD industry from the beginning and was very excited about the Kaleidoscope pop-up truck at our East Hampton location. 

Kaleidoscope is breaking through the CBD industry by creating a semi-personalized plan for each customer with formulations meant to be stacked, mixed, and combined to fit your body’s distinct pattern. Recognizing that everyone is different, users complete a quick questionnaire online and Kaleidoscope creates a customized recommendation for your wellness goals and needs.

The CBD-ceiling has been broken by taking high quality CBD and scientifically merging it with a combination of supplement formulations to support a variety of wellness needs.

*Disclaimer: These products are non-psychoactive and won’t get you high.

“ I’ve built Kaleidoscope because I want to deliver a functional product that has truly helped me be a more productive version of myself. I set out to bring clarity and science to an overcrowded universe where most of the current products fall short; a universe in which even the products that are revolutionary and effective don’t work best for me on an everyday basis.” – Ana Rosenstein Founder & CEO, Kaleidoscope


Shop some of Blue&Cream’s CBD inspired pieces by brands like MadeWorn, Lucien, Sydney Evan and Blue&Cream Private Label.


Harden x Blue&Cream Cashmere Leaf Pullover Hoodie


Harden x Blue&Cream Cashmere Leaf Pullover Hoodie



MadeWorn Bob Marley Wailers Leaf Tee



MadeWorn Snoop Dogg Leaf Tee


Sydney Evan

Sydney Evan Pave Diamond Pot Leaf Stud Earrings


Sydney Evan

Sydney Evan Small Pave Diamond Pot Leaf Necklace


Lucien Pellat-Finet

Lucien Pellat-Finet Leaf Cap



Blue&Cream iPhone 6 Leaf Case


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