Nike Air Max: More than a Shoe

One year older, another year better.

On this day 32 years ago, the Air Max was born. Modern and classic, the Air Max revolutionized how sneakers are constructed, becoming the first shoe to feature a visible air unit. Since the launch, Nike has made improvements to each style under the recognizable Air Max identification: ‘Air Max 90’, ‘Air Max 95’, “Air Max 97’and more. This widened array provides the opportunity for Nike lovers everywhere to choose the Air Max that meets their needs and fits their personal aesthetic, or collect them all.  

The OG Air Max 1’s

Keep it sleek with Air Max 90, go futuristic with Air Max 720 or throwback with a retro Air Max 97? The options are endless.

Shop Air Max 270’s in store.

To honor the iconic and beloved Air Max on its birthday, we put together a little homage for your viewing pleasure, from 1987 to today. 

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