Pierre Yovanivitch Summons Love for R&Co. Exhibit

Love is in the air; Pierre Yovanivitch summoned scenes of unrequited love through an assemblage of red textiles, upholstery, neon-lights, and whimsical graphics at R & Company’s White Street location in a debut of his latest lighting and furniture collection. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Yovanivitch’s immersive showcase explored variations on the theme of LOVE; unfolding a narrative that centers around Yovanovitch’s domestic muse Miss Oops. The exhibition showcases recurring fantastical motifs beginning Miss Oops story in the parlor, then the dining room, the boudoir and ultimately the bedroom. Sprinkled throughout these rooms is a deliberate intimacy that welcomes scale and texture. 

Besides the obvious neon depiction, ‘You Should Have Loved Me’ hanging above his hallmark hand-stitched ‘Big and Small Bear’ armchairs — priced at well-over $30k — each piece is crafted to display different kinds of love: a split table for two versus a table for five (priced near $100k).  
Then, like an ode to love itself, a pink and red room with seemingly arbitrary placement of ornate decorative objects in the shape of hands and lips to reflect implied affectionate whispering. 

Love, following a lewdly chronicle order ultimately finds itself in the bedroom: the bed frame titled Take Off.  Two lovers hang over the mantel — acting like a blessing to the juxtaposed bedspread embroidered with a face, two eyes and lips. 

While very French in context, Pierre’s organization of ornate objects enlists a dreamstate that love thrusts you in, further championing understated elegance and artisanal processes.  Does it scream LOVE or more so unrequited love?


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