Rihanna Disrupts the Fashion Industry Yet Again, Paving the Way for Inclusivity

Iconic multihyphenate and business woman, Rihanna, announced Friday that LVMH will be launching a new Paris-based Fenty maison shaped around her distinct vision.  This will be the first time this luxury conglomerate has launched a fashion brand from scratch since the 80’s. This merge is monumental not only for celebrities breaking into fashion, but for women of color, who historically are very underrepresented in the fashion industry.

We predict that this collaboration will pave the way for the most influential women in the world to rise up and realize that their voice is bigger than many leading brands themselves. LVMH’s partnership with Rihanna requires a new kind of brand control that is rarely allocated outside of the fashion house; giving up control and allowing groundbreaking women to take the reins.

While this paves the way for other celebrities to follow suit, very little talent can command such a deal.  Celebrities have extraordinary influence on the masses, specifically millennials, however, their ability to translate their influence into commercial sales — all the while keeping their own careers afloat– is no easy feat.  Rihanna stands at the forefront, having already proven this capability through her wildly popular beauty line and capsule lingerie collections, Fenty.

We look forward to witnessing Rihanna’s success with LVMH as she continues to shatter glass ceilings in the first steps toward the larger movement of inclusion.

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