Reinventing Valentine’s Day: Who Are You Really Celebrating?




Many of us have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day; If we’re single, we dread it. If we have a significant other, we can look forward to it, but often are left with unfulfilled expectations. What if we reinvented the purpose of this holiday, and made it inclusive to everyone regardless of what relationship(s) you’re celebrating? Who says you can’t gift your boyfriend something sweet, but also Continue reading...

Be Our Valentine: A Gift For You!


Happy Vday: A Gift For You!


Today marks the day we’ve all been waiting for after New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day!!! Have fun on this special holiday and find a special something for your loved one!

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Need help? We’v got you covered:

1. Dannijo

Monaco Earring, $185

Handmade in New Continue reading...