Men’s 7 Days, 7 Styles Week 7

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When Monday rolls around, it’s time to hop right back into the daily grind, which usually consist of tons of Zoom meetings. To keep looking fresh and put together in front of your coworkers, pop on this comfy blue crewneck sweatshirt from Stone Island. Stay cozy with these bottoms lightweight corduroy pants from La Paz. If you need a little footwear to feel like you’ve rounded out your Continue reading...

Men’s 7 Days, 7 Styles Week 3

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It’s a brand new week! Time for your first Zoom meeting of the week. Look good and stay cozy with this lightweight and soft to the touch  Kato The Ripper French Seam Shirt tucked into these luxurious Wheelers.V Velour Cord Pintuck Slacks. With an ultra soft hand, relaxed fit, and two slant pockets, these pants are perfect to keep you cozy on the bottom while staying professional up top. Continue reading...

7 Days, 7 Styles

Right now, we’re feeling a little out of whack. Without going to work, everything feels kind of jumbled. To help bring structure back, we rounded up outfits for each day of the week to help you stay both positive and stylish.

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Here we go! It’s time to start the new week fresh, and what better way to motivate yourself than waking up and throwing on a crisp white tee and Continue reading...

From the Lower East Side to Paris: Virgil Abloh’s crazy visions for Louis Vuitton Mens FW19


The fashion world has bowed to streetwear. The front rows of this week’s Fashion Week in Paris feel more like Hypebeast look books than the traditionally dressy Euro Editors insiders club, featuring more guys than girls wearing crossbody bags with one pop of color or another…but what Blue&Cream trend-spotters are most taking note of is the content of Virgil Abloh’s much anticipated and acclaimed Louis Vuitton A/W 2019 Mens … Continue reading...

Men’s curating Street Style

curating style is the key during winter in New York City.

From our favorite designer brands, we’ve brought series of street style look.


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Get the style:

IRO Merwin Jacket


FRAME Double Pocket Shirt


IRO Piotre Jean


Get the style:

Faliero Sarti Leonello Scarf


and Wander High Loft Fleece Hoodie


Cotton Citizen Classic Crewneck LS


Shuttle Notes Continue reading...