The Evolution of the Red Puffer




It seems like you can no longer walk two city blocks without seeing a some form of a puffer jacket, ranging in a variety of silhouettes and color palettes. It all started with the Fall 2016 Balenciaga show, where they debuted a slew of oversized puffers that became the framework of the collection, but it was really the electric red one that stole the show and was arguably the most memorable piece of the season. Soon red puffers exploded on the streetwear scene, spotted on everyone from Rap’s elite, to it-girls and influencers, and of course the Hypebeast crowd followed. Later it would infiltrate to dozens of high end brands and inevitably, the fast fashion world.










We wanted to take a deep dive into the red puffer’s journey, and were enlightened to find that the trend had been brewing long before it hit the runway. We stumbled across this epic throwback of Princess Diana looking like she came straight off the Balenciaga catwalk, and if we didn’t know any better we would be convinced the photo op took place on Mercer Street in 2019. Who would’ve guessed that Lady Diana herself just may have inspired one of the year’s most explosive looks? We love a good full circle moment – from icons of the past, to the runway, all the way here to Blue & Cream.












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