The Miley Approved Jewelry Trend

Photo via. @mileycyrus

For the past few seasons, dainty and simple have reigned as the fashion go-to for jewelry.  However, in a time where women are more empowered than ever to use our voices, we want what we wear to make a statement, and jewelry is no exception. We’ve seen more and more that trend-setters and it-girls from Miley Cyrus to Emily Ratajkowski are letting their necklaces do the talking. From layers on layers of gold chains to name plates and symbols, necklace layering has become somewhat of an art form, and a way to communicate your persona.

photo via. @emrata

Tips for creating the perfect layered look:

  • Start with a statement chain: The ubiquitous chain necklace makes for the perfect starting point when layering—let it be your foundation point and build from there.
  • Length is key: layer different necklaces in a ‘organized-mess’ to create dimension and add texture with different chains.
  • Don’t overthink it – effortlessness is the key to this trend, so use the pieces that speak to who you are and don’t be afraid to get creative

    Photo via. @rutaenroute

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